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Helon Melon had grown from a home industry seamstress to a highly regarded creator of fine linen and bedroom wear that matched the best from Europe in both design and quality when she asked us to redesign the brand identity that she had tailored out of clip-art in MS Word back when she started out. Now that she had shops in Cape Town and Johannesburg (with designs on London) and was being featured on national TV and in the country's top fashion magazines, it was time for a change.

Our logo design created a crown out of the humble pin - a testimony to her rags to riches story - complemented by the tagline "Fit for a Queen. Made for You.". We also designed a crest, to be embroidered onto silk pillow cases and the like, or to use when a simple logo just won't do. To this we added two colour swatches; one for Summer, the other for Winter, and created a legend which tells of how Helon succeeded yet kept her values.

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