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An Old Mutual employee noticed that after a decade into South Africa's democracy - despite his company's best efforts - there were still gaping cultural divisions between staff members, evidenced by how they gathered in the canteens with people of their own kind of race, age and religious backgrounds.

Carel decided to do something about it, and so started a series of casual meetings in which people would gather voluntarily to discuss their similarities and differences in a relaxed, non threatening environment. It was a huge success, and the company offered him one day off a week to develop these interactions. Realising the problem was not unique to his company, Carel developed his exercise into a nation-wide campaign.

digitalJUNGLE fine tuned his logo and created a brand identity for 'Cross Cultural Conversations', using speech bubbles and inverted commas as inspirations. We then designed the stationery and marketing material he needed to make his idea fly.