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Through the process of family constellations - a therapy which uses a combination of western and ancient wisdom to reveal personal histories  - Tanja helps her clients understand themselves better. She brings to the process a background in psychology and a love and appreciation of African wisdom, both of which serve to enrich the experience.

Tanja invited digitalJUNGLE to help with the naming and branding of her service. We suggested 'African Constellations' as a name, and ‘Creating a Healing Community’ for her tag line. We also crafted a legend, which speaks of African Constellations and what it does.

African Constellations’ logo was designed to encapsulate the essence of Tanja’s service: stylised African figures in earthy tones are connected by a thread, just as we are all connected in one way or another. A clean, refined font grounds the logo.

These elements were all brought together to inform the design of business cards, an esignature, ebrochure and a web banner.